Dr. Alisha Griffith,
Asha Certified Member Au.D CCC-SLP

Dr. Alisha Griffith has been a compassionate professionally trained educator, speech language pathologist, and audiologist for nearly two decades. She has worked in schools, homes, offices, and in her own practice connecting those with speech and hearing difficulties. Through her work Dr. Alisha has helped many BELIEVE in themselves and SHIFT their self-talk. Although her clients were dealing with disabilities, their confidence levels were no different from others.

In 2015, Dr. Alisha launched her coaching and speaking practice applying her passion and willingness to serve others. She is a catalyst for change and a great connector. Dr. Alisha is the igniter of positive energy. Dr. Alisha has created a movement to shift inner dialogues from negative to gratitude and appreciation through the power of listening and speaking ones truth. She believes in remaining focused and weathering through storms of life with a positive mindset are our KEYS to success.

Dr. Alisha’s journey has been the muse of her passion. A high-achiever from the onset her dreams of becoming a medical doctor shifted somewhere between high school and college. Even with the shift Dr. Alisha’s sights were always set high. While earning her Doctorate degree, she was also going through a divorce with a two month old baby who was later diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Shifting from wife to single motherhood was not easy. Dr. Alisha learned through trial and error the importance of SUPPORT from others and DETERMINATION, CONSISTENCY, and

COMMITMENT will help you through life’s various obstacles. At no point did she give up on her goal, “Sometimes, it’s not always what you “think” you should be, but more where you “feel” you should be.”

As a woman of many hats, Dr. Alisha personality remains constant: her SMILE, HIGH ENERGY, ADAPTABILITY, ability to CONNECT, and POSITIVE ENERGY. Her most important role is being the proud mother of Zachary, her bright and extra-ordinary AU-some son. Dr. Alisha says, “Being his mom has been one of my biggest lessons of PATIENCE, expressing GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION even for the small things. He’s taught me how to IDENTIFY STRENGTHS many of which I see in him and myself.”

An advocate for autism, Dr. Alisha co-founded two programs. SoSMART kids, Inc is a program dedicated to children on the autism spectrum help them learn social skills, martial arts and fitness. SMART FIT FAM Inc., is a non-profit organization which supports families with children on the spectrum learn more about wellness, fitness, and nutrition. As an expert in this field, Dr. Alisha applies her knowledge and skillsets, at work and home with her son Zachary.

This change agent has been shifting lives, encouraging mindsets of action and connecting language with movement for most of her life. Her willingness to reach others goes beyond the traditional approach. Dr. Alisha is a Black Belt in Jujitsu as well as a kickboxing instructor where she motivates women and families to KEEP PUSHING through their challenges. For her GIVING UP has NEVER been an option.

Dr. Alisha sees beyond her own circumstances and has propelled her sights to newer heights. In August 2016, Dr. Alisha Griffith added #1 Best Selling author to her list of credentials with her book AU-MAZING GIFT: A Journey to Autism Acceptance. Zachary who at one time would not engage with people is now excited to share with others he and his mom have a book. Now that is an AU-mazing gift!!!!