Dennise Hilliman,
Educator, Visionary, Entrepreneur

Dennise Hilliman (BSc Biology with Chemistry (Hons), MSc, PGCE, and NPQH) is the Founder/CEO of The LEAD Curriculum Framework.

A Guyanese born British National with over 25 years’ teaching experience serving to the level of Associate Headteacher. An alumni of St Joseph’s High School, Bishops High School, University of Guyana and University of London. Dennise taught Science and A’level Biology in Guyana, Grenada, Barbados and London and served as an examiner with CXC, AQA and Oxford & Cambridge.

The LEAD Curriculum brings academic institutions and organisations such as the BBC, Lloyds Bank, IBM and National Space Academy together to design and deliver curriculum experiences to bridge the gap between education and the business of life. These leadership experiences equip young people with the skills needed to manage, adapt and create change as they progress from stage to stage in their education and eventually into work and life.

Dennise believes explicitly teaching leadership skills will equip young people for adult life in a constantly changing world. Her leadership model in its purest form is based on the concept that everyone has the potential to be an example of inspiration (your best self) every day, because everyone has a story. The LEAD Curriculum concepts shift the mind set in young people from simply striving for success limited only to — riches, status, fame and a good CV – to creating a life that is of lasting significance.