Rosalind Kilkenny McLymont is editor-in-chief of The Network Journal, New York’s premier magazine for Black professionals and business owners. She also is a partner in McLymont, Kunda & Co., an international trade and business development strategy firm with clients in the United States, Africa and the Caribbean. Rosalind has more than 20 years’ experience as a writer, speaker and adviser to small and medium-sized companies on global business. She was an international trade reporter and the first female and first Black managing editor at The Journal of Commerce, one of the United States’ oldest and most prestigious daily business newspapers.

Rosalind has appeared frequently on CNNfn to comment on the impact of global events on U.S. trade. She also appeared on the National Minority Business Council’s “Business Report,” a monthly cable television show and was a guest writer for America Econom’a, a leading business magazine in Latin America. Her articles on international business appear in such publications as The Journal of Commerce, World Trade, Business Standards, Minority Business Entrepreneur, Transport Topics, Quality Digest, and Shipping Digest. In 2003, the New York Association of Black Journalists awarded her a prize for one of her monthly “Africa Focus” commentaries in The Network Journal and in 2004 the New York Regional Chapter of the National Association of Health Services Executives gave her its first ever Journalism Award for her work on the magazine’s annual health care issue.

Rosalind speaks French and Spanish. She has a Master’s degree in Journalism from New York University, a Bachelor’s Degree in French from The City College of New York, and a Certificate in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Madrid. Born in Guyana, she has a Black Belt in T’ai Chi martial arts, which she teaches in New York.  Read McLymont’s complete biography

The Guyana Contract The Guyana Contract
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Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: The Network Journal Communications Inc. (June 26, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0578159163
ISBN-13: 978-0578159164

After graduating from college and before pursuing her career, Drucilla Durane embarks on a European Excursion. She begins with little more than street smarts and a Eurail pass, and it all goes smoothly until her arrival in France. After being shown around Marseille by a handsome young French-American named Theron St. Cyr, she continues to Paris, where she finds herself in a harrowing situation. Thinking St. Cyr is to blame, she vows never to forget him. Fast-forward several years: Drucilla works for Pilgrim, Boone and Associates, an influential consulting firm that seeks out only the most lucrative contracts in developing nations. As the only black female in the company s upper echelon, Drucilla considers her race and gender to be both a liability and an asset. Working on a case concerning air transport in Guyana, Drucilla finds herself embroiled in an affair of dirty dealings that, without prior warning, just so happens to involve St. Cyr.

Rosalind Kilkenny-McLymont

March 25, 2014


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