Ruth Michel DuPoux
Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur

Ruth Michel Dupoux alias Lady R is an artist since she was a little girl, she was born in Port-auPrince, Haiti. Her mom is Cuban and her dad is Haitian. Classy and Ambitious lady, she had to follow the normal step of any young girl, she went to various schools in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Montreal she had various degrees in communication, administration, marketing and Community Development.

After 6 years working like a professional in the administrative market she decides to live her passion which is fashion, she created LR Creations Fashion, she presented her first collection December 1, 2013 in Haiti and after she made many other presentations in Miami, New York, Montreal, Mexico and Los Angeles. She went to Paris the fashion city to study Stylist and fashion design.

Only one year and half in the fashion industry, she already has two brands on the market, she presented already 4 collections, the women clothing line “Lady R” and the lingerie line “Deshabille-moi”, the “Ladies to Bride Collection” and the “Lady & Lord Accessories. She is very grateful for the mix culture in her family, all those diversities combination increase her talents and make her become the artist and the designer she is today.

She also Create a fashion worldwide event name Fashion & Art Circuit International which is an international platform where various designers of different countries has the possibility to showcase their works and share their visions to a different country. She already did various show, Haiti, Miami, Guyana, the next will be in Mexico. She truly believes that everybody can achieve their goals and realize their dreams if they work hard and also everybody can look amazing and beautiful, no matter their race, their skin complexion or their age, they just need to find the perfect match between the clothes and their personality to create their own Elegant Style.

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