Yaphet Jackman,
Filmmaker, Poet, Activist

Yaphet Jackman is an independent filmmaker on a journey for the preservation and development of culture and the visual arts in Guyana and the Caribbean through film. Coupled with 19 years of experience in the media and television industry across the Caribbean and the US, He’s worked his way up from a part time camera operator to a budding Cinematographer/Director.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Communication Studies from the University of Guyana along with a Masters in Fine Art – Film from Ohio University. His work embodies projects from the World Bank, USAID, the Global Shapers Community – an affiliate of the World Economic Forum, Government of Guyana and the Athens International Film Festival to name a few.

Yaphet is currently based in the US, immersing himself in the US film industry as an Independent Filmmaker. Through his start up production company, Bent Street Films, he continues to preserve Guyanese heritage, culture and historical content through new media and film as well as collaborating and developing minority and human interest narratives along with experimental and conceptual film projects.

His expertise also includes Digital curating and archiving, Data collection and analytics, social media management, project management and teaching.