The Power of Sharing Your Story

Everyone has a story. Many people do not realize the power in sharing their story. Whatever your limitations or however challenging your journey, your story is important. Sharing your story can inspire and transform lives.

Nykhor Paul


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Conversations With Selwyn (CWS)

Connecting With Stories

Conversations With Selwyn (CWS) is a New York based weekly webTV broadcast, which airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm EST. It hosts conversations with people about their journey in life and how they use their gifts and talents to empower and help others. CWS invites our guests to imagine their story inspiring someone, especially a young person, to step beyond their challenges and limitations, to transform and one day become a person of note.

A person of note can be someone who one day discovers a vaccine that can save millions, a head of state, or cardiologist, or even someone who helps an elderly across a busy intersection.

CWS fosters conversations with guests regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, or nationality.


CWS’ goal is to develop an archive of life stories so that current and future generations can benefit from the experiences and knowledge shared in these conversations.


CWS’ mission is to educate and empower people through experience and knowledge sharing.


CWS’ vision is an enlightened and purpose driven society rich through self-sufficiency.

“Fear not what fear whispers to you.
Fear your obedience to it.”

~selwyn collins