Alex Bunbury,
Entrepreneur, Mentor, Visionary

Early Years in Guyana, South America

Alex Bunbury was born in Plaisance, Guyana on 6/18/67 to Harry and Doreen Bunbury. Heis the youngest of 13 children (8 brothers, 4 sisters). Hisgrandparents, parents and siblings were all born and raised in Guyana. His older brothers were high-level football players in the Guyanese Football Association system (Roy, Morrell, Leon, Sam, Tony). Faith, family, community and hard work are all key elements of his Guyanese culture and was at the core of his upbringing.
Immigration to Canada and Youth Football

Alex’s Guyanese values, culture and traditions followed him to Canada when he immigrated to Montreal on 10/16/1976. Alex first lived in a heavily Italian neighborhood in the east-end of Montreal,where his brother Tony signed him up to play with the Saint Leonard Cougars. He attended Rosemount High School, in Montreal, Canada. Prior to that, Alex had never played organized soccer and was frequently made fun of by his older siblings (Sam and Tony) for his lack of skills on the ball. Well, as the story goes, Alex would have the last laugh. Alex managed to surpass the high standards left by his siblings-who both played for the Cougars-by becoming the best player to ever come out of the program.

After several years of residing in Saint Leonard, Alex’s family moved to Notre Dame De Grace (NDG) where he honed his skills playing street ball (Girouard Park) with some of the most skillful players-many twice his age- in the city. Alex started playing football at the age of 12. By age 14, he represented the Canadian U16 National Team. From there, he continued in their youth system for an additional three years. At age 17, Alex moved up to the Senior National Team after being recognized as one of the top players at the World Youth Championship Tournament in Minsk, Russia. Subsequently, he was called into camp at the age of 17 for the 1986 Men’s World Cup in Mexico. Alex was named an alternate.

Professional Career
Alexprofessional career began at age 18 with the Hamilton Steelers of the CSL (Canadian Soccer League). He played in the CSL until age 23. In 1992, he was contracted by West Ham United of the English 1st Division (currently the premier league). In 1993, he was bought by Club Maritimo in the Portuguese 1st Division. Alex played there for 7 years and became their all-time leading scorer to this day.

In 1994, he was honored as the Foreign Player of the Year. Maritimo was a multiple UEFA league participant playing against the likes of Juventus and Leeds United,and players such as Italian legendsRoberto Baggio and Jean Luca Vialli. Alex was part of the team that represented Maritimo in the 1st everPortugueseLeague Cup Championship game in team history against Portuguese power-house Sporting FC in 1995.

He was honored as player of the year for Maritimofor four consecutive years. Additionally, Alex was awarded Personality of the Year on the island of Madeira- one of the islands’ biggest honors. He founded a youth development program called Esfuma in 1996/97 that was designed to help underprivileged children in remote areas of the island, as well as children from the city;Esfuma is still currently active. In addition, Alex was honored to be one of the first athletes to receive a major endorsement (soft drink Brisa) on the island.

Canadian National Team
Alex represented the Canadian National Team 67 times and iscurrently their 4th all-time leading scorer. He is currently the all-time leading scorer for Canada in world cup qualifying matches with 14 goals. Additionally, he was the 1st player in Canadian history to score 3 goals in a world cup qualifying game. He was the first player in Canadian history to win Canadian player of the year, an honor twice bestowed.
Returning to North America

With a year left in his contract, Alex relocated to Kansas City and became an allocated player (equivalent to DP player) with the then Kansas City Wizards(Sporting Kansas City).His team won the MLS Championship in 2000 and following that game, he retired (age 33) due to ankle injuries.
Youth Development and Professional Coaching

After retirement, Alex immediately changed his focus into youth development and giving back to underprivileged kids in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Through individual and team training, he has developed several top level college players from a young age. Hehas several strong connections and relationships with college coaches and agents throughout the United States which have awarded many of his youth players, (girls and boys) college scholarship opportunities. He is presently coaching his youngest son’s (Mataeo)team, who has also won multiple State Championships. Currently, and for the past two years, Alex has been coaching the Minnesota TwinStars of the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League). This league is made up of professional, semi-professional and amateur players, and competes against teams covering the United States.

Teal Bunbury
Under Alex’s coaching and development, Teal’s team won several State Championships. Several of his teammates went on to earn college scholarship through Alex’s coaching.Teal attended Akron University on a full athleticscholarship.During his sophomore year, Teal won college player of the year and was drafted fourth overall by the Sporting Kansas City. That was the first father/son to ever represent the same team in Major League Soccer history. Teal won an MLS Championship there, as well. Again, this was the first father/son duo to achieve that in Major League Soccer history. He was traded to New England Revolution in 2013 where he currently competes.Teal has represented and scored for the US National Team.

Recent Honors
• 2005 Hall of Fame inductee – Quebec Soccer Federation
• 2006 Hall of Fame inductee – Canadian Soccer Association
• 2012 Best XI of the past 100 years – CSA and fan nomination
• 2015 Hall of Fame inductee – Hamilton Steelers FC, Canadian Soccer League

Personal Life and Passion

Alex currently reside in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and is a blessed father of 4 children. His oldest daughter, Kylie, is an actress in Hollywood, California and currently stars in the CBS series Under the Dome. His son, Teal, is a professional soccer player for the New England Revolution and has represented the US National Team. His second son, Logan, is an aspiring singer/songwriter and his youngest son, Mataeo, is following in his father’s and oldest brother’s footsteps as an up and coming footballer.

Alex’s passion resides in his faith, family, culture, as well as mentoring and developing diverse youth and young adults through football and life skills. One of Alex’s major strengths is inspiring and motivating young people to help them reach their full potential on and off the field. Alex believes that this is truly his calling.