Chelsea Fung

My past experiences and knowledge gained prior to the spontaneous beginning of our company continue to play a huge role every day as I work with our amazingly talented team! In 2012, I graduated with Honours, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environment & Society and Women & Gender Studies at University of Toronto (U of T) and a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies at York University in 2015. Regardless of my qualifications in fields that are somewhat non-related to RED Entertainment’s line of work, I had prior experience with event management for University seminars and conferences and for charitable organizations in Guyana.

Since we began in 2012, I definitely learned a great deal more! My role in the company continues to develop my organizational and logistical planning skills as the number of events and projects grow each month. The Georgetown Local Elections Debate was an event production that particularly tested my coordination abilities and I enjoyed every bit of it! Similarly, The Spotlight talent competition and Fundraising Telethon for Haiti were productions that demanded a multifaceted team such as ours. We created the advertising and marketing plans, coordinated several teams of people, and of course executed the productions on the day with live streaming on social media and TV!

All of which made these events so successful. It is our dedication and commitment of going beyond our clients’ expectations and ensuring every event is executed smoothly that makes me so proud to be a part of this well oiled RED machine!