Richard S. David,

Activist, Community Organizer

Richard Samir David is a Democratic Candidate for New York City Council for Rochdale Village, Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, and South Jamaica – District 28. Richard, inspired by President Barack Obama’s call to action in 2008, became a community activist and a mentor to boys and girls of color.  Richard was born in Guyana and moved to Southeast Queens at age 10.

He attended Public Schools and started working at age 13; his first job was at the South Queens Boys & Girls Club. Richard graduated from Hunter College, where he organized students as President of the WISE Club. It became a powerful movement on campus. He received his Master’s degree from New York University. To pay for college, Richard held multiple jobs, developing a work ethic that has continued to influence his life. He graduated cum laude and debt free.

Richard maintained robust ties in the community, including religious, civic, and business associations. He was the youngest member of Community Board 9, where he remains an active member nine years later.

His first full-time job was at the NYC Economic Development Corporation where he became Vice President after eight years. In this role, Richard learned, first-hand, how government works, how to make neighborhoods flourish, and how to improve the quality of life for all residents. Richard then became Executive Director at the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, where he oversaw a citywide campaign to lower the cost of public transportation for working families. He is currently Chief of Staff at a child welfare agency protecting the most vulnerable, our kids.

He bought his first home at age 25 and went on to become a fierce advocate for his neighborhood. He does not remain on the sidelines when it comes to fighting for what’s right; he jumps into the ring. One of his proudest accomplishments is co-founding a nonprofit in 2010 to bring resources into Southeast Queens. Today, it’s one of the leading social justice organizations in Council District 28 and in New York City.

Richard was raised by a single mother, his role model. He is the youngest of three brothers and lives in South Ozone Park with his family.