Sapphire Autumn Rose,

Designer, Entrepreneur

At 5 years, old, I first designed a wrap skirt set for one of my dolls and then when my aunt presented me with a sewing machine for my 6th birthday, I couldn’t wait to sew my first collection. I also designed 8 doll outfits on a special order from one of mommy’s clients’ daughter. I did another collection of doll clothes before designing myself a skirt which I drew by myself and also design my graduation outfit which mommy’s completed for me. I also design most of my Halloween outfits at school.

A little about what I like…..

My Favorite color is Sapphire blue along with red and pink. I don’t like olive green because olives tastes weird. My hobbies are drawing, dancing, reading and spending time goofing around with my siblings. My favorite food is curry and roti. I like music but don’t have a favorite song.

My vision…..

I would like my designs to inspire young girls like me to achieve their dreams by fulfilling their hearts’ desire. I think it is important for them to allow their dream to become something they enjoy doing — filled with fun.

My inspiration…..

I have so many people in my life who inspire me continuously but they are a few special mentions like my mom Michelle Cole of course, she is indeed a phenomenal designer and I am fortunate to have her as a dedicated, supportive, and loving mother, my dad, Trevor Rose, a talented costume designer who was very creative with his work but he passed away and my God father, uncle Roger Gary who is a Fashion designer as well. He is one of my best friends and allows me to watch him while he is working on his designs.

My objectives….

My objectives are to ensure that my designs reflect me as I go through the various stages of growing up. I really would want my designs to represent beauty, freshness, and creativity in a multilayered concept. My aim is to start with kids’ fashion and accessorize them, then to move into other fields as I grow older.

Birth of d’Obvious Rose……

This summer, my sister, my aunt and I were having breakfast in the yard and during that time she told us about little girls our age who changed the world in a positive way and asked us what we would do to change the world.

I started to think about my desire to become a fashion designer and what I can do to make a positive impact in the world. I suggested owning my own fashion designer company, inspire other young girls to achieve their dreams and give back to those less fortunate. My sister opted to become a professional soccer player as well as my assistant. She designs as well.

We were given an hour to come up with our brand name and tasked with coming up with a logo by the end of the day. We started brain storming names for my company. As my mom has her last name in her company brand name, ColeFacts, I decided that I wanted to incorporate Rose as a part of my company name as well. My aunt said “it’s obvious” and it was then that we all said the same thing “The Obvious Rose” — I however, dropped “the” for the “D’ apostrophe ” to give it a french touch.

When coming up with the logo, we tried many different sketches and eventually settled on one that represents beauty, freshness, and many layers of creativity — almost like a garden full of possibilities.

Recently, my teacher asked my class to do a project called ” My Dream Is” and in this project, we were asked to write down what we wanted to be when we grow up and why. My mom came up with the perfect solution to combine the two projects into one. As a result, my first brand awareness campaign is called “Heart Full of Dreams” mainly because it is indeed my dream to become a great, successful designer who is passionate about making a positive impact in the world.